The Heart of Precision Plastics

From Design to Completion

The heart of Precision Plastics is our commitment to engineering innovation.The Precision Plastics Engineering Department leads every project, not just in design assistance but in the planning and implementation of production, assembly, finishing and quality assurance processes.

  • Quoting

    Methods, Machinery, Manpower, Materials Identification

  • Project/Quality Planning

    Process Mapping, Validation Targets

  • Project Mapping

    Design Review, Capacity Planning, Packaging, Quality Documentation and Status Tracking

  • Process Validation

    Trial Runs, Testing, Assessments, Process Adjustments

  • Process Acceptance

    “Lessons Learned” Review, Final “Run at Rate” Confirmation



Early involvement with our engineering team often leads to improved functionality, stronger and more reliable parts, lighter weight, increased ease of assembly, and lower secondary manufacturing costs.

We Can Handle Your Project.


Holding several patents and having developed and built proprietary equipment for hundreds of projects, the Precision Plastics team will broaden your engineering department’s resource base to find solution to difficult design, manufacturing or reliability problems.


Precision Plastics, Inc. is unique among Midwest injection plastics molders. We assign an Engineering Account Manager to supervise your project from start to finish. Our Engineering Account Managers are specialists in custom molding, quality control, tooling, and production efficiency.


The Precision Plastics Engineering Team is available to help you at any point in the product development process. Early involvement of our Engineering Account Managers can add value and/or reduce manufacturing costs at many levels.


A prime responsibility of the engineering team at Precision Plastics, Inc. is to provide the most efficient production methods for your project. To accomplish this objective we utilize Siemens’s NX design software. As a custom molder of thermoplastic components, we know your project is like none other; all aspects of design and stages of production are unique. We design and build custom equipment specifically for your part. We manage the process using the latest Microsoft project management software.

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