Our Quality Lab is managed by a staff of dedicated Quality Engineers and highly trained personnel ensuring the finished products meet our customers’ highest expectations.

Multiple Product Tests



  • Product Integrity & Uniformity

  • Dimensional Conformance

Measurement Instruments

  • DCC Controlled- CMM

  • GLoss Meter & Colorimeter

  • Video Comparator

Special Capabilities

  • Melt Flow – Plastometer

  • Color Light Booth

  • Tensile Strength

 Your Quality Requirements are Integrated into Every Aspect of the Production Process. Our commitment to quality includes scheduled calibration and testing of instrument reliability.




Does it meet spec?

Does it look right?

Does it work?

  • Dimension & Weight
  • Coloration (as applicable)
  • Connectivity (as applicable)
  • Blemish or Color Consistency
  • Cavities or Other Depressions (Sinks & Short Shots)
  • Excess Material (Flash)
  • Quality Engineers on site 
  • Fully Equipped Quality Lab
  • Quality training for every team member
  • Specialty Electrical Circuit Testing
  • Test Gauges
  • MATTEC Process Real Time Monitoring
  • RJG Process Monitoring System
  • Inline Production Testing
  • Testing method options to meet your quality expectations
  • Raw Material Integrity Testing
  • Mechanical Assembly Testing

We hold all the necessary certificates and policies that allow us to be the most innovative Custom Injection Molder in the Midwest. To view, click “learn more” about these certificates and policies.

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