Tammy JurjuHuman Resources Manager

    Tammy Jurju is Human Resources Manager at Precision Plastics, Inc.  Hired as a Customer Service Representative in 1988, she was promoted to Office Manager in 1990.  This position included the responsibilities of Administrative Assistant to both President and Vice-President as well as management of all clerical and customer service staff.  In 1998 she took on the additional responsibilities of Human Resources Manager.  Before coming to Precision Plastics, Ms. Jurju worked for 8 years as a Customer Service Representative and Office Manager at a custom injection molding company in Fort Wayne.

    Ms. Jurju is a graduate of Bluffton High School. She has also completed numerous human resources training seminars and attended many human resources conferences. Ms. Jurju has served as a liaison between the company and local high schools for purposes of training and education, has organized innumerable employee recognition events, and is a member of the Management Review Team.

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